1. Complex days

Sous la direction de M. Argentina, S. Barland, P. Reynaud-Bouret, F. Cauneau,
K. Guillouzouic, U. Kuhl, T. Passot, F. Planchon

With the view that a complex system includes “any object whose behavior as a whole is not determined in a simple way by the behavior of its individual constituents”, the Complex Systems Academy covers a broad spectrum of scientific activities that often cross conventional scientific fields.

Following the first two years of existence of the Academy, this edition of the Proceedings of the Complex Systems Academy of Excellence was prepared in the wake of the first “Complex Days” Academy-wide meeting, which took place in Nice in January 2018.
As such, this book is a nonexclusive window into the many research topics that are currently addressed at the Université Côte d’Azur within the scope of the Academy. Far from being an exhaustive list or final word, it is only a glimpse of the ongoing research at a very precise point in time.

Still, as will be evident to the reader, many topics are discussed in the following chapters, ranging from mathematics and physics to archeology, chemistry and space science or ecology and biophysics. Can such a diversity be categorized? Would it even be really productive at the time of writing? Inspired by one of the most emblematic phenomena encountered in complex systems, namely “self-organization”, the organizers of the meeting and the editors of this compendium deliberately decided not to categorize.
Instead, the choice was to mix topics as much as possible and to leave the reader to construct from the parts his or her own vision of the whole, free from disciplinary silos.

The editors of this volume thank all the participants of the meeting, with special thanks to the contributing authors of the Proceedings.

First published: December 2018
Registration: December 2018
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Print ISBN: 978-2-9565650-0-0
ePDF ISBN: 978-2-9565650-1-7

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Alexandru Dimca : Conference papers

André Galligo, Jean Rajchenbach, Bernard Rousselet : Conference papers

Frédéric Lesage : Conference papers

Samira Amraoui, Didier Auroux, Jacques Blum, Blaise Faugeras : Conference papers

Bruno Cessac : Conference papers

André Galligo, Frédéric Lesage, Sebastian Minjeaud : Conference papers

Laurane Léost, Florian Lahrouch, Christophe den Auwer, Christophe Giorgio et al. : Conference papers

Thibaut Flottat, Frédéric Hébert, George Batrouni : Conference papers

Giovanna Tissoni, Eric Simonnet : Conference papers

Nelli Elizarov, Pascal Giorgi, Alexandra Yeromina, Sylvain Antoniotti : Conference papers

Olivier Legrand, Ulrich Kuhl, Fabrice Mortessagne, Khalid Oubaha et al. : Conference papers

Fernanda Benetti, Bruno Marcos : Conference papers

Jean-Baptiste Caillau, Lamberto Dell'Elce, Jean-Baptiste Pomet, Jérémy Rouot : Conference papers

Guillaume Labeyrie, Robin Kaiser : Conference papers

Flora Aubrée, Vincent Calcagno : Conference papers

Florentin Millour, Sébastien Ottogalli, Manel Maamri, Arthur Stibbe et al. : Conference papers

Frédérique Bertoncello, Marie-Jeanne Ouriachi, Célia da Costa Pereira, Andrea Tettamanzi et al. : Conference papers

Pavel Kuzhir, Hinda Ezzaier, Jessica Marins, Cécilia Magnet et al. : Conference papers

Stephane Barland, Massimo Giudici, Gian-Luca Lippi : Conference papers

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Médéric Argentina, Stéphane Barland, Patricia Reynaud-Bouret : Books