Complex molecule synthesis made easy

Nelli Elizarov, Pascal Giorgi, Alexandra Yeromina, Sylvain Antoniotti

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Abstract :
International audience
By the combination of suitable catalytic methodologies, the synthesis of complex molecules could be performed with limited footprints and energy consumption either in orthogonal multicatalysis, sequential one-pot reactions or sequential reactions in continuous flow. In this account, we present a selection of our recent results in this area of research where several catalysts such as supported metal nanoparticles, supported metal salts, or mineral and organic bases were combined. New and step-economical synthetic methods were thus developed either in standard batch reactors or in continuous flow using millifluidic technology.
Published : 2018-01-11
Document Type : Conference papers
Affiliation : COMUE Université Côte d'Azur (2015-2019) (COMUE UCA)


Nelli Elizarov, Pascal Giorgi, Alexandra Yeromina, Sylvain Antoniotti, « Complex molecule synthesis made easy », Proceedings of the Complex Systems Academy, 2018-01-11. URL :