Compressions of a polycarbonate honeycomb

André Galligo, Jean Rajchenbach, Bernard Rousselet

Abstract :
International audience
The in-plane compressive response of a polycarbonate honeycomb with circular close-packed cells is considered first experimentally then analytically. Under quasi-static uniaxial compression, we observed behaviors strongly depending on the orientation: for one of the two main orientations the compression is homogeneous, while for the other the deformation localizes in a very narrow band of cells. More surprisingly, for not crushing but extreme compression, when the load is released, the deformation is reversed, the localization disappears and the polycarbonate returns to its original shape. In order to explain this strange phenomena, we develop a geometric model of this honeycomb together with an expression of the bending energy. We focus on a basic mechanical element made of an elastica triangle. We also compare our description with previous experimental studies and simulations made with similar material. Finally , to illustrate mathematically this type of behavior, we present a simple model for buckling deformations with two degrees of freedom.
Published : 2018-01-11
Document Type : Conference papers
Affiliation : COMUE Université Côte d'Azur (2015-2019) (COMUE UCA)
Source : hal-01984791


André Galligo, Jean Rajchenbach, Bernard Rousselet, « Compressions of a polycarbonate honeycomb », Proceedings of the Complex Systems Academy, 2018-01-11. URL :