Le cinéma de Tim Burton, une sortie hors du mythe

Sébastien Dauguet

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Abstract :
Throughout his numerous films, Tim Burton has found a way to question the mythical approach that governs Hollywood. Instead of praising the values that have permeated the American imaginary since the discovery of the New World, he keeps focusing on the irrational dimension at the heart of the human psyche. Thus he follows a logic that can remind one of the teachings of Lacanian psychoanalysis. Indeed, the critic of his work can only be struck by the way Tim Burton deconstructs the symbolic order in order to highlight the real side that exceeds it. This is possible in so far as the film-maker introduces a reflection on his own position at a time when images tend to conceal the logic of exchanges. Such an artistic posture offers the possibility to reassess the power of the subject on his existence and is also respectful of the monstrous dimension of the human being that myth prefers covering.
Published : 2015-06-02


Sébastien Dauguet, « Le cinéma de Tim Burton, une sortie hors du mythe », Cycnos, 2015-06-02. URL : http://epi-revel.univ-cotedazur.fr/publication/item/204