2. Complex days

Sous la direction de Médéric Argentina, Yves d’Angelo, Jérémie Bec, Gilles Bernot, Elie Hachem, Ketty Guillouzouic

The Complex Systems Academy covers a broad spectrum of scientific activities that often transcend conventional scientific fields. Its main mission is to encourage cross-disciplinary research themes and identify shared methodological approaches in order to identify common objects of study.  

The study of complex systems aims to discover the laws at the origin of phenomena and events that seem random to us (rumors, weather, earthquakes, etc.) in order to predict them. To understand "complexity", the collaboration of scientists from different disciplines is essential.

In order to strengthen ties within its scientific community composed of more than 400 scientists from 15 different research laboratories (mathematics, physics, chemistry, human and social sciences, etc.), the Academy organizes, each year, the Complex Days.

The second edition of the Complex Days was held on Monday, March 25, 2019. This scientific day dedicated to complex systems brought together close to one hundred researchers from various laboratories: Nice Institute of Physics (INPHYNI), Nice Institute of Chemistry (ICN), the Economics and Management Law Research Group (GREDEG), the Mathematics Laboratory (JAD), the Research Center on Hetero-Epitaxy and its Applications (CRHEA), etc.

Throughout the day, four keynote speakers invited for the occasion gave presentations illustrating different visions of complex systems. Well-known to the scientific community, guest speakers such as Márton Karsai (Laboratoire de l'Informatique du Parallélisme à l'Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon), Jean-Louis Dufresne (Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique et Institut Pierre Simon Laplace, Paris), Christian Rey (société SAFRAN) and Nadine Peyrieras (Institut des Neurosciences de Paris-Saclay) demonstrated the diversity of research topics covered in complex systems.

In addition to the presentations, lively poster sessions were also organized to maximize networking opportunities. In total, more than 30 posters were displayed. Three prizes of €2,000 per person were awarded to the best poster presentations.

These awards were used to cover the travel expenses of doctoral and post-doctoral students attending international conferences. In addition, doctoral students (EDSFA/STIC) who participated in the event also received the equivalent of 4 hours of transversal doctoral credit or 5 hours of coursework.


Flash Talks

Céline Cohen, Yann Bouret, Xavier Noblin : Conference papers

Mauro Napoletano : Conference papers

Giovanni Dosi, Luca Fontanelli, Mattia Guerini, Mauro Napoletano : Conference papers

Sofia Allende, J Bec, Christophe Henry : Conference papers

Nino Kukhaleishvili : Conference papers

Eman Ahmed : Conference papers

Julián Mejía Morales : Conference papers

Benjamin Reeves : Conference papers

Junfeng Chen, Jonathan Viquerat, Elie Hachem : Conference papers

Fian Assemien : Conference papers

Théa Ragon : Conference papers

Cédric Bouysset : Conference papers

Christophe d'Angelo, Christophe Raufaste, F. Celestini : Conference papers

F. Millour, S. Otagalli, M. Maamri, A. Stibbe et al. : Other publications

Jesús Sánchez-Rodríguez, Christophe Raufaste, Médéric Argentina : Conference poster

Nicolas Bruot, Nino Kukhaleishvili, Charles Puerner, David Thompson et al. : Conference papers

Fabio Vanni : Conference papers

Svetlana Slepneva, Uday Gowda, Ben O'Shaughnessy, Alexander Pimenov et al. : Conference papers

Sylvain Bonnefond, Sophie Abélanet, Julie Cazareth, Massimo Vassalli et al. : Conference poster

Thomas Perez, Patrick Cassam-Chenaï : Conference papers

Rami Mantach : Conference papers

Claudio Barbieri, Mattia Guerini, Mauro Napoletano : Conference papers

Omar Boughdad : Conference papers

Adrien Garcia : Conference papers

Jesús Sánchez-Rodríguez, Médéric Argentina, Christophe Raufaste : Conference papers

Bruno Marcos, Vincent Mançois, Pascal Viot, David Wilkowski : Conference papers

Aurélien Larcher, Chahrazade Bahbah, Lucas Sardo, Anselmo Soeiro Pereira et al. : Conference papers

Enrico Formenti : Conference papers

Quang Tran, Celine Cohen, P. Thomen, François Orange et al. : Conference papers

Mattia Guerini, Mauro Napoletano, Jean-Luc Gaffard : Conference papers

Federica Spoto, Paolo Tanga, Benoit Carry : Conference papers