Le problème de l’« anaphore sans antécédent »

Dairine O’Kelly

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Abstract :
Since the renewal of interest, towards the end of the seventies, in questions associated with reference, there is a general tendency to ignore the original distinction made by K. Bühler (1934) between Deixis (the generic term) and Anaphora (reserved for a specific type of deixis). The author questions the usefulness of the terms Exophora and Endophora, forged by Halliday & Hasan (Cohesion in English, 1976) and makes the point that the problem posed by F. Cornish (1996) would be easily solved if he were to exchange “exophora”; for “deixis”; and “endophora”; for “anaphora”;. A closer look at the deictic use of a certain number of referential pronouns would prevent the type of terminologal contradiction in terms made by G. Yule (‘Antecedentless Anaphors’, 1979).
Published : 2004-07-15


Dairine O’Kelly, « Le problème de l’« anaphore sans antécédent » », Cycnos, 2004-07-15. URL : http://epi-revel.univ-cotedazur.fr/publication/item/725