Perspective énonciative sur l'anaphore nominale

Claude Charreyre

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Abstract :
Anaphora applied to the Noun Phrase can be treated in enunciatory terms using the predicative relation, symbolised (arb). The forms taken by the anaphoric NPs are varied - (()rb), a or b; they may retain the meaning rather than the exact wording of the original relation. When applied to discourse analysis, the theoretical model elaborated by A.Culioli involving the interplay between QNT and QLT (otherness) can be shown to be essential to anaphora and to account for the alternate use of pronoun it as a substitute for an NP, or that of determiners the, this and such. The choices are not random. Even so, the regulated patterns must not be construed as leading to a set way of organising discourse.
Published : 2004-07-15


Claude Charreyre, « Perspective énonciative sur l'anaphore nominale », Cycnos, 2004-07-15. URL :