La diaspora irlandaise et l’Internet

Richard Deutsch

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Abstract :
The Net has provided the Irish diaspora with new tools : e-mail, mailing lists, forums and newspapers. The Irish émigrés have quickly seized upon these new facilities not only to communicate or get informed but also to pursue their political ideas. Republicans and Unionists found a new platform to express themselves . The Net has also been used as a powerful lobbying tool in Washington (for the release of Roisin McAliskey) or in Belfast (to remove poor “paddy”; jokes from the site of the Belfast Telegraph). Far from home, the Irish don’t have to wait anymore for the two weeks old copy of their favourite newspaper, it is now online. Because of this immediate contact with “home”;, one can conclude that the Troubles are viewed in a less romantic way now and also that the powerful Irish-American community has a direct say in Irish life.
Published : 2008-07-09


Richard Deutsch, « La diaspora irlandaise et l’Internet », Cycnos, 2008-07-09. URL :