The North-South Divide: Continuity and Change

Michel Darribehaude

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Abstract :
From the nineteenth century to the 1980s, the North-South divide was considered as a fundamental element of British socioeconomic life and identity. After the great upheavals of the Thatcher era – especially deindustrialisation, with the attendant decline of the traditional working class, and growing homogenisation of the UK – and after its existence was called into question by Tony Blair in 1999-2000, what is the situation today as seen through the media:  does the South still dominate the country in all fields with no sign of hope for the North? Our study also analyses the relevance of the divide to the modern world, the persistence of clichés and the role they play for those who believe in its existence.
Published : 2010-03-11


Michel Darribehaude, « The North-South Divide: Continuity and Change », Cycnos, 2010-03-11. URL :