Quantification and strategic analysis of foreign relocations

Jean-Pierre Chanteau

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Quantification et analyse stratégique des délocalisations
Abstract :
International audience
Since the late 1970s, foreign relocations have been a subject of public concern in the industrialised countries. In spite of the numerous studies carried out in the field of international industrial economics, however, decision-makers, and even economists,remain divided in their opinions regarding appropriate policy measures (e.g., in theUS, Cohen and Zysman, 1987; Dertouzos et al., 1989; Brainard and Riker, 1997;Berger, 2005). Some analysts interpret foreign relocations as a sign of economic decline, while others see them as an efficient response to commercial and financial globalisation (Magaziner, 1982; Magaziner and Patinkin, 1989; Reich, 1991; Thurow,1992; Luttwak, 1993; Krugman, 1994; Mankiw and Swagel, 2005).
Published : 2010-07
Document Type : Journal articles
Affiliation : Laboratoire d'Economie de la Production et de l'Intégration Internationale (LEPII) ; Université Pierre Mendès France - Grenoble 2 (UPMF)-Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)


Jean-Pierre Chanteau, « Quantification and strategic analysis of foreign relocations », ERIEP, 2010-07. URL : https://hal.science/hal-03468691