Editorial policy

The electronic European Review of Industrial Economics and Policy (ERIEP) is born from the cooperation of three academic journals of industrial economics: Economia e politica industriale, l’Industria (Italy), and the Revue d’Economie Industrielle (France). They agree to share experiences, resources and to start a new electronic review which would:

  • promote analyses and debates on national specific characteristics and problems concerning industrial structures and contexts, strategies and policies, performances and dynamics;

  • have a bent for the interpretation of real-world problems, with various theories and methods to be adapted to the issues under study, accepting possible cross-disciplinary contributions, and having a strong concern with policy implications based on a careful institutional understanding;

ERIEP publishes English versions of articles issued in European journals, as well as articles not previously published, sublmitted to and selected by the editorial board. "i-topic" is a specific section hosting papers that address current (theoretical or empirical) issues related to industry and policy. ERIEP has tow issues a year.