(Re)territorialisation of marginality as a refusal of a mechanic center

Viorella Manolache

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Abstract :
The study approaches the marginal voices as alternative forms placed into a tensioned / recessive relation with the center, the domain of “normality”, the dominant pole, into a common equation, appealing to the weak oppositions. This study will establish that the offensive of the recessive elements confirms the dichotomy of the world, proposing a versus rule: Center vs. Margin, Liminality vs. Marginality, Hard vs. Soft/Alternative Models, Communitas vs. Societas, Center vs. Periphery, Dominant vs. Recessive Pole, Dominant  vs. Secondary Groups.The present study will approach a weak perspective on marginality and the refusal of a canonic formula: Ştefan Augustin Doinaş and Luceafărul Review, placing in the same relation marginal hypostases (the wanderer, the drifter, the tourist, theadventurous, aliens vs. locals, sedentary vs. nomads), establishing that the margin, the limit, the separation of the interiors and the exteriors, the front exposed for the subsistent dimension exists only to the extent it is exposed, inaccessible and not to be appropriated by a dense, opaque, unexposed, immanent, and nonexistent center.
Published : 2012-06-30


Viorella Manolache, « (Re)territorialisation of marginality as a refusal of a mechanic center », Cycnos, 2012-06-30. URL : http://epi-revel.univ-cotedazur.fr/publication/item/236