Dit et non dit: ruptures et reprises dans Crossing the River

Pesso-Miquel Catherine

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Dit et non dit : ruptures et reprises dans Crossing the River
Abstract :
International audience
The aim of this article is to analyze the specificities of Part IV, « Somewhere in England », within the elegant structure of Crossing the River, in order to demonstrate that many motifs and details echo in fact the three other parts of the nove!. What might seem at first to be discrete and discontinuous elements turn out to be woven into a subtle and complex texture. In the study of Joyce's section, the analysis will focus on the representation of bodies, on the question of voice and dialect, and on the complexities of a confrontation between Americans and Britons during the second World War, involving issues of race, class, gender, and culture. The tension between the written word and orality, the intriguing repetition of certain words such as « factory » in different contexts, and Phillips's interest in creating a fluid, musical prose, will also be considered.
Published : 2016
Document Type : Journal articles
Affiliation : Langues et Cultures Européennes (LCE) ; Université Lumière - Lyon 2 (UL2)


Pesso-Miquel Catherine, « Dit et non dit: ruptures et reprises dans Crossing the River », Cycnos, 2016. URL : https://hal.science/hal-03148511