Frédéric Hébert, George Batrouni, Thibaut Flottat

Collective behaviours of light and matter

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International audience
Coupling of light and matter can lead to the emergence of new collective phenomena, which render a separate description in terms of light or matter impossible. To understand and describe such cases, new composite light matter objects need to be introduced. In this chapter, we present theoretical studies of two examples of such systems. The first is an assembly of coupled Rabi cavities that shows coherent behaviour similar to Dicke super-radiance. The second is a Bose-Einstein condensate coupled to the optical modes of a cavity, that mediate an effective long range interaction between the atoms of the condensate and drive it into a supersolid phase.
Keywords : Photons, Solids, Superfluids
Document Type : Conference papers


Frédéric Hébert, George Batrouni, Thibaut Flottat, " Collective behaviours of light and matter", paru dans "Proceedings of the Complex Systems Academy of Excellence ", Proceedings, URL :